Astra Training Center Manager


The Astra Training Center Manager (Astra TraCe) is a Training Resource Management System specially made for Training Providers. It is highly capable of streamlining the management of an entire training center operation from planning and scheduling, logistics, enrollment, certification, to sales and reporting etc.

Astra TraCe is built for training centers to help with the administration of training operation with ease and efficiency.

It is a perfect tool for simplifying and automating the complex task of training curriculum development, scheduling, enrollment, resource management, record keeping and more to ensure that training programs are executed without complications.


Key Features

Training Curriculum Development

Facilitate the development of new and ongoing training curricula via the built in content-management system.

Scheduling & Resource Management

Manage schedule and synchronize with resources such as teaching space, instructors etc.


Trainee Enrollment, Slot Management with Wait-listing capability

Training Records & Certifications

Maintain Data Records & Files for archiving and certification without the bulk of paper work.


Transact directly with a Company instead of individuals for their employees training.

Training Request
Build On-demand

Easily transform On-demand training requests into actual training. Allows scalability and adjustable depending on the current training needs.


Can store and print Certificates of Training and licensing documents

& Role-based Access

Easily create and define Users with different roles, access and capabilities.


Generate built-in and customized reports to track, analyze and visualize all aspects of operations.


Automatic, real-time status updates.

Device Agnostic

Compatible with most operating systems on different types of devices including desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones


Work online through the browser, on your intranet or the internet and acccess anywhere, anytime.


Custom styling will be applied to the app's user interface using your company's corporate color scheme and logo.

The Astra Training Manager can be deployed via:

On-premise Server

On the cloud Hosting


Custom Astra Training Center Manager

We can also develop a fully customized Training Manager built to your own specific specs, design and functionality.


Astra Training Center Manager Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Users
  2. User Groups (Roles/Access)
  3. Course
  4. Division
  5. Course Category
  6. Course Classification
  7. Certificate
  8. Evaluation
  9. Instructors
  10. Yearly Schedule
  11. Class
  12. Students
  13. Buildings
  14. Classrooms
  15. Company (Business to Business)
  16. Holidays

A class is a scheduled instance of a course.

Both of these are categories you can utilize for grouping of courses. These can be renamed according to your institution's policy/practice.

  1. Title
  2. Descriptive Title
  3. Course Code
  4. Details
  5. Price
  6. Start Day (what day of the week this course usually starts)
  7. Duration (Days)
  8. Division
  9. Course Category
  10. Allow Cancellation From Start of Class (Days)
  11. Readmission Period
  12. Grade Criteria
  13. Attendance Requirement
  14. Instructors Available
  15. Certificate
  1. Class schedule can be set yearly
  2. Class schedules can be created manually as needed
  1. Section(Schedule)
  2. Class Name
  3. Readmission Period
  4. Minimum Students
  5. Maximum Students
  6. Price
  7. Discounted Price
  8. Class Days (Day Number, Date, Instructor per day, classroom)

The maximum number of days a student can be away due to circumstances (ie. accident, sickness, etc.), before their course is null and void (thus requiring them to take the course again)


Made up of a negative and positive value, that can represent a pass or fail for this specific subject


You can give a passing grade based on the total group percentage entered. Each group is made up of scopes that act as the references for what the group percentage is made up of


Using a given Rating Type, the grade is based on the factor multiplier per group.

Certificate template uploads accepts a docx format. There are standard Tags defined to output specific data in the certificate.

Crew name as set on name correction with format: {first_name} {preferred_middle_initial}. {last_name} {suffix}.
The course title set in the course form..
Date when the certificate was generated or the last day of the class, which ever is the latest..
  1. Enroll a student
  2. Reserve Slot/s of a Class
  3. Generate an Enrollment Report
  4. Set Schedule (if a class has schedule by parts like lecture 2 hours and 4 hours laboratory)
  5. Split Class
  6. Cancel Class
  7. Generate Certificates

Splits the enrollees in two different classes of the same course. The newly created class takes the other available section.

  1. Recheck Enrollee Names for Start Class
  2. Set Grade Criteria of the Class
  3. Set Attendance (Present or Absent)
  4. Set Grade Results
  5. Set Schedule (if a class has schedule by parts like lecture 2 hours and 4 hours laboratory)
  1. Company Login
  2. Keep track of employee data previously enrolled.
  3. Add Employee as student to enroll.
  4. View offered Courses and available Classes
  5. Reserve slot for employee
  6. Request for a separate class (option as exclusive or not)
  1. Class Requests
  2. Slot Requests (Reserve, Cancel, Reschedule, Pull-out)
  3. Special/Split Class
  4. Class Cancellation
  5. Class Reschedule
  1. User Dashboard
  2. Duplicate Record Detection
  3. Holiday Management
  4. Enrollment Report
  5. System Logs/Audit
  6. Instructor and Room Availability Check
  7. Customized price rate per class or per student
  8. Certificate Generation
  9. Student Waitlist
  10. Slot Management (Slot Confirmation, Cancellation, Rescheduling, Pull-out)
  11. Reports

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