We are a Software Development company providing high quality services and products for the global market.

We offer a wide range of outsourcing services from engineering custom software to development and delivery of mobile and web-based content.

About Us

Astra was established by Japanese investors with successful track record of operating high-tech business in the Philippines. Our management team is backed by decades of experience in outsourcing and software development.

We are composed of highly-competent and vibrant young men and women coming from the Philippines' top universities. Among our staff are Japan Information Technology Standards Examination-Philippines Certified Engineers, and Sun Certified Java Programmers.

We are based in UP-Ayala Technopark, an Information Technology Incubator inside the University of the Philippines, the country's premiere state university. This location, together with our strong ties with the academe, provides an environment conducive for collaboration and generation of new knowledge.

As a member of the Astra Group, our overseas operations are supported by our Japanese partner-companies. We leverage this relationship by sharing technical and management know-how, making us very effective in understanding and addressing the needs of our chosen market.

We keep pace with the fast changing world of technology. We explore various Information Technology areas and continually update our processes and methodology in order to offer the best solutions to our clients.

We have developed a number of applications catering to different areas of Information Technology. We are experienced in Web Development, Office and Business applications, Amusement and Mobile Applications and Portals.

A brief History

Astra (Philippines) Inc. was founded by Mr. Kei Kawamura in 2002. Its first operation started on August of 2002 with only four employees including its managers: Dr. Jimmy Caro as Vice President and Corporate Secretary and Mr. Ed Mateo as AVP for Administration and Treasurer. In September 23, 2002, it registered with Securities and Exchange Commission and in December 10, 2002, it registered with Board of Investments. It paid a total capital of Php 5,000,000.00.

In September 1, 2003, Mr. Edwin Mogul, a former Senior Manager for Canon Information Technologies Philippines, Inc, a Canon Inc. subsidiary company, joined Astra, replacing Dr. Caro, who was then promoted to Assistant Vice President of the University of the Philippines.

Our People

Astra (Philippines) Inc. Astra (Philippines) Inc. believes in the idea that motivated and competent individuals are the key to every company's success. From the very beginning, Astra (Philippines) Inc. built its foundation on highly-qualified and experienced managers honed by more than two decades of experience in outsourcing and software development, and on carefully selected young talents coming from the Philippines' top universities. These people comprise the culture of the company.

Astra (Philippines) Inc. takes pride in its proactive and competent young men and women that brought the company to the accomplishment of every endeavor it takes. From technical projects to marketing activities, from trainings to company events, these individuals proved to have contributed something: innovative ideas, technical and leadership skills, and commitment to the company's success.

The company ensures the growth in the professional and personal lives of these people through its unwavering commitment to train them. It provides them with a venue to develop their technical and interpersonal skills that will mold them to become well-balanced and responsible citizens. Astra employees have been participating in various seminars and trainings in order to secure international certifications such as the Japan Information Technology Standard Examination (JITSE) and the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Moreover, they undergo an in-house Nihongo training in order to conquer the Japanese language barrier. This is fortified by obtaining certifications from the yearly Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Astra provides a dynamic work environment that is great to build a career. A typical day in Astra (Philippines) Inc. is a day of learning and fun. It starts with an "ohayou", which brightens every face that enters the office. Then the time of productivity begins. Each one to different roles and tasks. May it be on planning projects, programming softwares, or meeting with people, there will always be new things and challenges everyday. And this makes everyday a rewarding day. Astra is a place where everyone is motivated to work intensely while cherishing every moment of interaction with each other. There are also special days of get-togethers, company outings and bondings such as birthday treats, holiday celebrations and other fun-filled events that spark a wonderful feeling of belongingness.

Our Goal

Astra (Philippines) Inc., as a Product Research and Development company, has a primary goal of developing innovative world-class software and hardware solutions; and bringing out the best from its customers, partners, people, and the society.

Our Mission

We, at Astra (Philippines) Inc., are committed to:

  • Develop the very best software and hardware solutions that satisfy customer requirements.
  • Deal with customers and partners on principles of politeness, courtesy, humility and cooperation and safeguard our long-term relationships with them.
  • Support the professional and personal growth of all our employees-harnessing their creative talents, their enterpreneurial spirit, and their sense of commitment and responsibility.
  • Ensure stability of our company by fulfilling our responsibility to our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the society we work in.
  • Maintain a commitment of integrity, honesty and professionalism in all our business dealings.
  • Adhere to principles of social responsibility and corporate ethics.

Our success is measured through our ability to achieve our mission and commitments to the fullest. Within a year of existence, our company have shown a lot of promise through the cooperation and teamwork of our experienced management and our proactive and talented young engineers.

Our Vision

We, at Astra (Philippines) Inc., are committed to:

  • We will be a recognized international leader in IT product development producing top of the line solutions that respond to the needs of a global market.
  • Our customers are satisfied and content with their long-term partnership with us. We are a dynamic, progressive and dependable member of the ASTRA International Group of Companies. Our highly competent employees are well known for their technical expertise and commitment to deliver quality work products, securing their future with us.

Our Values

Corporate Principles

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Adaptability
  • High Ethical Standards
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Guiding Principles in Customer Relations

  • Okyakusama wa kamisama desu. "The Customer is The Master" Principle
  • Listen and Communicate
  • Be Flexible within Reason

Why choose Astra

1. Highly-skilled Engineers
  • Drawn from the most prestigious Philippine universities, our staff is well-grounded in the science of software development.
  • Certified IT Professionals:
    • Sun Certified Java Programmers
    • JITSE (Japan Information Technology Standards Examination) Engineers
    • - with continuous Nihongo training (JLPT Levels 3 & 4)
2. On-going Research
  • Our continuing connection to the resources of world-class universities gives you access to the latest in research and development.
3. Low-Cost Development
  • We achieve your budget targets by evolving our processes based on research in Cost Analysis, Software Development Best Practices, and years of actual industry experience. This research honed our expertise in cutting down unnecessary expenditure without limiting or decreasing quality.
4. Wealth of Experience
  • We capitalize on a wealth of industry experience and knowledge brought by our tight collaboration with Japanese partners and exposure across cultures.
5. Focused on Your Goal
  • Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals, which involves focusing on more than just software development process. Our staff's broad background helps us understand what you want to do, and lets us make sure you accomplish just that.
6. Client-driven development
  • Our process of development enables you to actively participate in all stages of the project life cycle.
  • This starts with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your business needs.
  • You'll be consulted on all major decisions
  • 24hr access to project documents and status of all tasks via our website
  • always here to help - close and constant communication
  • we provide training and support materials so you could start using the application right away
  • All succeeding steps are consulted with you for approval and verification.
  • design of software is tailored to your unique needs and preferences - no learning curve