Astra School Management Information System

Astra School Management Information System

The Astra School Management Information System is a comprehensive solution in consolidating all academic processes within one application.


Registration and Accounting:

  • Integrated Enrollments-Accounting feature
  • Basic Accounting – Payments, Invoices, Ledgers
  • General Academic Support
  • Records, Scheduling, Grades and Promotions
  • Documents Generation
  • School Framework Customization
  • Model Creation (Courses, Classes, etc.)


  • Administrator
  • Registrar
  • Cashier
  • Teacher
  • Organization Unit Head
  • Student


  • User based Dashboard
  • Search Function
  • User Management and Profiles
  • Messaging
  • Activity Logging
  • Campus and Building Info
  • Schedule Management
  • Backup/Restore Functions
  • Record Management
  • Document and Report Generation
  • Grade and Course Management
  • Registration
  • Account and Ledger Management

The Astra SMIS can be deployed via:

On-premise Server

On the cloud Hosting