Astra Purchasing Management System

Purchasing Management Systems

Web based Purchasing Management Systems will increase efficiency, enabling the organization to work smarter.

The following business benefits have been identified:

  • Easy-to-use and System-enabled (automated) work flow to reduce time for new staff to efficiently adopt the system
  • Strong integration with in-place control activities and approval system
  • Enable increased use of communication-based business processes to boost efficiency
  • Efficient management of data, providing staff the ability to search, manage and report on this data quickly and easily
  • Seamless environment for any user to work efficiently in the office or on the road
  • Provide increased capabilities to pro-actively measure the department’s performance towards the company’s expectations and to strengthen the department’s support.
  • Provide seamless tracking of resource effort to support better cost measurement and improved forward planning.
  • Provide data mining abilities to support strategic planning, operational and governance activities at both Group and Entity level.


  • Customized dashboard per user group
  • Customized view per user group
  • Calendar
  • File/Document management
  • Updates & email notifications
  • Report Generation and Printing