Astra PAYROLL System

Astra Payroll System

The Astra Payroll is the perfect tool to automate your organization’s payroll processing with ease, efficiency, and accuracy, thereby minimizing the chance for human errors.

The Astra Payroll system was made in compliance with the Philippine labor and tax regulations. It is also customizable to support specific payroll policies of your organization.

Astra Payroll Processing

Featured Modules


  • Notification for incomplete employee payroll information - missing salary rate, missing government ID
  • Notification on payroll processing status

Employee Records

  • Centralize employee records
  • Maintain electronic personnel Information
  • Retain Payroll information such as salary and payslip history

Payroll Processing

  • Regular Payroll - monthly, bi-monthly
  • Special Payroll - 13th-month pay, final pay, leave conversion
  • Annual Payroll - annualization

Government Contributions

Automate government contributions

Recurring Allowances

Automate recurring allowances

Adjustments / miscellaneous entries

Enable adjustments for entries

Reports Generation

  • BIR reports
  • Government contribution reports
  • Loans/Deduction reports
  • Bank Reports


  • Automated payroll generation
  • Accurate computation - OT, ND, Holiday pay, Rest day pay, etc based on DOLE
  • Customizable for your specific payroll policies
  • Flexible attendance cutoff
  • Can be integrated with your existing HRIS
  • Import facility of time attendance records
  • Adjustable Government Contribution (PHIC, SSS, HDMF) brackets/tables
  • Efficient Loan Management
  • Automated generation of payroll registers
  • Automated generation of payslips
  • Customizable payroll register and payslip formats
  • Up-to-date government reports

Astra Payroll Advantages:

Available via On-premise one-time license purchase

Available via cloud on a monthly subscription

Desktop & Mobile-friendly web application

Easy to Setup

User Friendly / Easy to navigate

Client Tech Support