ASTRA HRIS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deploy the AHRIS in my company?

The AHRIS can be deployed on most modern operating systems in use by enterprises today. You do not need to invest in new hardware or technology if you have a reasonably powerful computer (most modern desktops) that has available computing and storage power.

The recommended deployment environment is a Linux machine, but the AHRIS can be run on Windows or MAC, installed natively or run as a virtual appliance.

Do I need fulltime IT staff to deploy and maintain HRIS?

It is not necessary to keep IT staff just for HRIS. It has been designed for ease-of-use and easy maintenance. If you deploy it as a virtual machine, you just treat it like common off-the-shelf equipment like Network Storage - you have a web-based interface to access the machine, make regular back-ups, and then you just let it run and reap the benefits of HR automation.

Can I use my existing Biometric Capture Device to feed time information to AHRIS?

Not all Biometric devices are built the same. There are stand-alone devices and there are connected devices. For stand-alone devices, you can import the time and attendance information into AHRIS if the device or bundled software provides CSV(Excel) export function. However, you have to do this manually. This is the scenario for most legacy devices/systems.

For connected devices, in order for AHRIS to get or receive information in real-time automatically from these devices, the devices first should provide an interface for the AHRIS to communicate with. Then, the interface should "speak" some common language for AHRIS to understand. Most devices that have a communication interface implements proprietary format for data exchange with their bundled software.

The AHRIS has the built-in facility to communicate with this type of devices, but for each device or manufacturer AHRIS has to speak their language. ASTRA has implemented interoperability modules for its partner suppliers. For others, ASTRA can implement a custom module to talk to their devices, provided they have an interface and they can supply the necessary information to do so.

We recommend checking with your device supplier if they can support open communication. If you have a device that can communicate but is not currently supported by AHRIS, let us know so we can explore how we can help you. If you are still deciding which device to purchase, we encourage you to look at ASTRA's partner suppliers.

Our company has multiple sites, can we use the AHRIS for all our sites?

Yes. The AHRIS is a web application, and can be used over your corporate LAN and, depending on your environment or business rules, the internet.

Here is a sample scenario to illustrate:

  • The AHRIS is deployed in your corporate LAN, but is exposed to the internet
  • Your office employees access it over the corporate LAN
  • Your field personnel goes to internet shops at their location to report how they spent their time, file for leaves, apply for training, participate in performance appraisals, etc.
  • Your on-the-go managers can monitor time-and-attendance, project allocation, approve applications, etc. from their mobile internet devices.
  • Your internet-connected remote sites can upload local site time and attendance from "offline" time and attendance devices.